BLYBOI Studios understands the importance of health and safety during this time which is why we are taking precautionary steps to ensure the safety of our clients and events. To prevent the spread of the Coronavirus and other diseases, we have introduced new measures to make your party both safe and fun!
Each activation is operated by one of our trained staff, who can manually enter your guests’ emails or phone numbers without your guests ever touching our equipment. You can also find your photos online from our Facebook Page.
We are temporarily suspending reusable props for events but clients can still have fun and encourage to show off their awesome poses.
All Photo Booths will be sanitized both before and after an event.
Sanitizer spray will also be available at events for our staff to use on equipment where relevant and necessary.

At BLYBOI Studios we pride ourselves on having highly trained and socially aware event staff.
Our staff not only know the equipment inside out, they are also equipped with the knowledge to ensure social distancing, adequate hygiene and always have a manager on call for advice or to resolve any issues that may arise.
Safety equipment and resources including sanitizer, distancing tape and handling training make BLYBOI Studios Photo Booth staff more than capable and experienced at ensuring compliance.

We understand there is a lot of uncertainty in the industry right now and we want our clients to be able to secure us for events without feeling backed into a corner if circumstances change. In place of forfeiting a deposit for cancellation, we are offering to apply any deposit from a canceled event to a future event.

For questions or more information, contact our team!
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Thank you!
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